Question yourself, everyone and everything

If you really want to understand something you have to question yourself, everyone and everything.

Thus you need to come from a place where you pretend not to know anything about a topic.

Questioning – What is it good for?

You may ask “What should that be good for?” Well, it is good for finding new ideas, solutions, a new path or even to discover your full potential.

However, it might not be easy to pretend to not know anything. We always look into our past experiences and judge if something may work or not.

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How To Stay Positive In Tough Times

Let’s do an experiment right at the start. Think about a challenging situation. It doesn’t matter if it happens now or if it is a memory from the past.

Check yourself how you are feeling about it right now? Do you feel any tension, overwhelm or anxiety?

The Problem

If yes, is that a positive or negative feeling? When you have one of the aforementioned feelings, you feel negative.

Which is absolutely normal and okay. The question is how it helps you to be negative. BTW, it does not help you.

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Fear to Fail or Fear of Screwing Up – So what?

To be honest, we all have this Fear of screwing up or Fear to Fail. There is no way to push that truth aside.

However the question is how to deal with this fear and what to do about it.

Admitting to have Fear of Screwing Up

First of all you need to admit, to yourself, that you have this fear of screwing up or to fail.

That’s a huge step. You do not need to tell anyone. Because nobody will be interested anyway, as they all have this fear either.

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Career Story

What is a Career Story?

Well it is a short story about your personal career. It might take just 5 minutes to tell someone and allow the listener to know who you are.

But there is so much about Career Stories. A good opportunity to get into the topic a little deeper is the Podcast Series of "Not Actively Looking".

In Episode 2 co-founder and director of "Not Actively Looking", Anthony Harling is discussing the topic with Christina Campbell and Stephan Szugat.

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