Total Clarity

Guiding you from struggling with low profits and limited cash-flow to being able to pay bills on time to building a successful and highly profitable business.

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Running a business with low profits and cash-flow issues isn’t fun. As a former Interim-Manager for Finance & Accounting, I had been with many businesses which had trouble paying their invoices on time.

In one such business, the CEO was struggling with making profits due to increasing costs and customers constantly pushing for further discounts and to add to this the development of new products was delayed. The future of this industry was promising, but this company was struggling. We started to make some changes. Having taken a total review of everything, we identified the priority areas for action. Many of these actions were seen as risky, in the eyes of the CEO. But as he was feeling so frustrated and insecure in his role because of the lack of progress, he was willing to put his faith in me. Throughout the process and the changes, the whole team were involved; the staff and the stakeholders.

The CEO had also been struggling to keep the stakeholders informed and happy and the pressure on him had been growing, making his days miserable. By communicating properly with everyone, we took the business from close to failure to profitable in just a few short months. Customers increased, profits increased, staff satisfaction increased, and the CEO was going to have a much easier job in the future. Knowing what to do, and the most effective way of doing things, is critical to turn around a business. I love what I do and rather than work within businesses, where I can only bring my attention to one at a time, I now work with many using my ‘Total Clarity’ program.

W ho It Is For?

  • Small and mid-sized manufacturing businesses with 5 to 100 employees and 1 to 75 million USD in revenue.
  • For businesses which seem to be stuck at a growth plateau.
  • Businesses struggling to improve their profits and cash-flow to pay all their bills on time.

W ho It Is Not For?

  • Businesses that are already struggling to pay vendors and employees on time on a consistent basis for the last 6 to 12 month. Securing financing is more important in these cases.
  • Businesses where the actual cash situation does not allow improving of processes, products, and services. Same as above, securing of financing is more critical in these cases.
  • Businesses with less than 5 employees and/or less than one million USD in revenue.
  • Businesses with Total Liabilities >60% of Total Annual Revenue.
  • Businesses with a Sales Decrease of >50% in the last few years or months.


The Starting Point


  • Create aligned business and personal goals.
  • Explore the business strengths
  • Evaluate current position to find quick wins


It’s hard to get anywhere without knowing where you want to go. In this module, you will explore and create goals that align your business and personal life and build a solid foundation for your progress towards your desired outcomes.


Cash-Planning and Generation


  • Understand the cash-flow of your business, so you can easily pay your bills
  • Discover an easy way to manage your cash flow with my template
  • Identify opportunities to generate more cash for your business


Without enough cash, any business struggles to thrive. In this module, you will focus on how to use effective tools to plan, manage and increase your cash flow, so you can start to grow your business.


Improving Profitability


  • Assess your business cost structure so you can easily identify any unnecessary costs
  • Understand how to review reports to identify cost savings
  • Explore where purchasing processes can contribute to better profits


While cash is the lifeblood of any business, profits need to be healthy as well. In this module, you will focus on exploring every aspect of your business to identify both unnecessary costs and also hidden profits, so you can maximize your returns.


Establishing Routines

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  • Get clear on the main areas to target for improvement
  • Create a plan to track and monitor performance
  • Understand how to review and assess business growth


Just being busy does not make anyone successful. In this module, we will look at putting in place processes and systems that will create an effective, efficient use of your time and allow for the best possible productivity towards your goals.


Core Competencies


  • Self assess your business to uncover your highest strengths
  • Explore new business opportunities, thinking outside the box, using my special process
  • Generate a personalized strategy for growth


Most businesses are capable of doing many more things than they actually do. In this module, you will be concentrating on the core competencies of your business and creating a growth strategy that suits your business perfectly.




  • Self assess your current processes to identify what is and isn’t working
  • Troubleshoot areas of concern and get clear on solutions
  • Create and establish additional processes to enable greater efficiency


Processes and systems can make or break a business. In this module we will review, revamp and upscale your processes to enable the best use of personnel, resources, and revenue generation.


Standardization To Be Unique


  • Discover the impact of Standardization
  • Learn how to use Standardization for the advantage of your business
  • Generate your individual company related Standardization to be unique


Most businesses want to be unique. That’s understandable. But uniqueness does not equate to success. In this module, you discover that your business could still be unique even if most of the products and services as standardized.


Practical Leadership


  • Understand the attributes of a great leader
  • Identify your leadership style so you can use it to best effect
  • Learn how to create a committed and motivated team through clear communication


Leadership comes in many forms and in this module we will look at the main benefits of good leadership and how to apply them to build a strong, motivated team.


Stakeholder Awareness


  • Understand the role of Stakeholders in your business
  • Learn how to best communicate with stakeholders, so you can keep them informed and working in alignment
  • Create a system for regular reporting to stakeholders


As a business owner or manager, there are always people around demanding something from you. In this module, you will explore the roles of stakeholders, and how to keep them informed, happy and supportive to allow you.


Staying Focused

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  • Understand what motivates you and how you can use this to succeed
  • Identify your ‘why’ so that you stay motivated
  • Create a structured review program so you can continuously assess your progress


It’s great to get started on a long journey, but what will you do when things get tough and take longer than expected. In this module, you learn simple techniques to motivate yourself, how to keep yourself motivated and celebrate even little gains along the way.

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