Say Goodbye to Repeating Business Issues

Solutions sometimes seem far away.
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In the life of a business owner, there are times when the same business issues come up again and again. All the time, you wonder, “I thought we solved this already”. But yet these things come up again.

These things could be anything like problems with the business workflow, with suppliers, with clients, with the assembly of the products sold. The only thing they have in common is, that you think you solved it for good and one day these issues reappear out of nowhere.

You may wonder how coaching might help you solve these issues once and for all. Well, coaching could not solve these issues. Coaching could help you to see the full picture and from this overall view you are more able to solve these issues.

The best coaching approach in these cases is to ask questions. I mean, the right questions, that lead you to see the whole picture. Ready? Let’s start.

How do you know the issue happened again? Write down your answer(s). How often does it happen? This could be anything from every day to just once a year, or even less than that. Does the issue have to do with specific things happening at the same time? Maybe during holiday season or while there is hot or cold weather outside. What have you tried to solve the issue in the past? What could you do to make the issue even worse?

I assume with the answers you already have written down, you got much more clarity around the issue. From here, you could connect the dots and ask yourself if there is anything available in your business to solve the issue once and for all.

In case you are still not having an answer/solution to your business issue, it is a good idea to set it aside for a moment. Some issues might not be solved right away. You could ask the questions again the next day, week, or month. But keep your answers from today. When you answered the questions again, you could compare your new answers with the ones from today.

On the other hand, there might be business issues you need to solve now. There is no way around them, you have to have a solution today, maybe latest tomorrow or so. What are you doing in these cases? Well, you use the same questions. You may even add some questions and keep digging until you have enough ideas to solve your business issue. I know this could be tough, if you face challenging business issues. From my experience I know, even if a situation is tough, it is possible to find a solution. The solution might be temporary, but that’s better than no solution. And sometimes, we just have to admit, that there is no answer/solution at this moment.

When you ask the right questions about your business issues, you are more able to see the whole picture. Seeing the full picture will help you find your own answer/solution within a very short time. With the questions I shared with you above, we just scratched on the surface to find solutions to any of your business issues. Most of the time, business owners know what to do, yet they may not see it right away.

The above approach is one of the things I address with my clients in my 6-month one-on-one Coaching Package “Total Clarity”. It takes business owners from not having a solution to their business issues to having their own answers/solutions to any business issue in a very short time. Furthermore, the program also addresses, how to focus on what matters most, verifying ideas, having everything in sight as well as simple leadership.

If you like to find your own answers/solutions while working with me, book a call to talk about how we could work together.

In case you like to go alone by yourself, I wish you to find all the answers you are looking for and great success with your business and in your private life. Really, I mean exactly that. I’m even happy for everyone succeeding without my help.

By Stephan Szugat

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