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I help Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Executives who want to have more clarity about how to go on with their business and life.

All answers you are looking for are right where you are. They are within yourself! I guide you to find them.

Discovering Your Full Potential has a lot to do with Self-Awareness. Awareness of what is and what you want. You know it, even if you could not verbalize it all the time.

Coaching Approach

Coaching, as I offer it, helps you to get aware of your own answers. It’s simple and practical, which means every minute invested is well-invested time. No lengthy coaching sessions when not needed. Just short, simple and precise coaching sessions.

Unique Coaching Model

As a former Interim-Manager for Finance and Accounting, I know how business works. This is also reflected in the core values of how I do business. From my experience, I created the Unique Coaching Model -Interrelations-.

The -Interrelations- Coaching Model is about mastering 7 Areas of Influence in your Business and to create immediate impact. The seven areas could be found in every business and could also be transferred to your private life.

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Self-Coaching Online-Courses

With the Self-Coaching Online-Courses, brought to you by, you could coach yourself at your own pace. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes per day. If you like to have new insights about Leadership or like to Discover Your Full Potential on your own, this is where to start.

More Insights from the Blog

You could find more insights and gains at the blog. Beside blog posts, you also find some Case Studies here as well.

Business, Executive, or Leadership Coaching all have in common that they help you to discover your full potential.

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