Get the Clarity You Need to Succeed as a Business Owner

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As a business owner, you usually have a long to-do list. All the time, there is something you need to handle. Yet, you may sometimes or more often doubt you are doing the right thing at the right time. In other words, you wonder if you really focus on the things that have the biggest impact on your business.

This does not mean you do not know your business or industry. It’s because you have so much on your plate that it’s easy to lose view of what matters most at any given moment. Actually, it is quite easy to get back to what matters most and what has the biggest impact.

First, you need to have your to-do list available. If you do not have a to-do list, just write down five to ten of the things you feel you need to address in your business right this moment. I guess, that was easy already.

Next, I like you to prioritize your to-do list. One approach could be, what I call, the P&L impact method. P&L is the Profit & Loss Statement. But we do not go into accounting here. Remember what the P&L starts with? Yes, right, revenue. Is there anything on your to-do list related to revenue, cash flow, or receivables? If yes, this becomes one of the main tasks. If you follow this approach, expenses might come last. But not if you have issues paying your vendors, then it must come first. What could you sell or produce if your vendors do not sell you anything? Very little to nothing, I guess. Though, the P&L impact method is about to keep your business running.

Another way to prioritize is to take your to-do list items to a scale. Use a scale from 0 to 10. The least important items get a low number, while the least important is 0. The most critical items get higher numbers, while the most significant item gets a 10. What when you have several items with a 10? Well, scale them again until it is clear to you which item is the top priority.

Either of the two approaches may take about ten to fifteen minutes. And you could do this kind of task every morning or at any time, you need to be clear what matters most.

When you get one of the above approaches right, you will always have clarity about what matters most and what to do next in very little time. No more confusion or overwhelm from all the things you need to do or handle. More clarity also leads to better decisions in your business and private life.

What I shared above is one of the main things I address with my clients in my 6-month one-on-one Coaching Package – Total Clarity. It takes business owners from not knowing what matters most and what to do next to having clarity about the most important topics and what to do in nearly no time. Furthermore, the program also addresses, finding solutions to any business issue, verifying ideas, having everything in sight as well as simple leadership.

If you are interested in working with me, let’s jump on a call to talk about how we could work together.

In case you like to use the approaches above alone by yourself, I wish you to gain all the clarity you are looking for and great success with your business and in your private life.

By Stephan Szugat

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