Coaching for Business Owner

When you are a business owner, I help you to gain clarity about what you like your business and life to be. Maybe it’s time to get your business to the next level, or it’s time to start something new. Let’s find out for you.

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Coaching Package: Total Clarity

This coaching package will provide you with the following results:

Keeping Focus on what matters most

Time is the most valuable thing we all have. Thus, we need to make sure we invest our time in the things that matter most and have the biggest impact.

Finding answers to any business issue

Business operations are so complex today, you need to be able to get answers/solutions as quick as possible. Quick does not mean dirty or short-lived solutions.

Evaluating ideas

Many times I have been talking with business owners about ideas they could not discuss with their family, business partners or employees. These ideas might just have frightened them.

Seeing the big picture including details

So many things must be measured and controlled. But which are most important for your business? How do you keep the overview? Maybe it is easier than you think.

Leadership made easy

Personally, I have never thought of getting into leadership roles. But it happened. What I learned is practical and easy. And that is what I will pass on to you.

After finishing this coaching package, you will be able to focus on what and who matters most for yourself and your business. You will have the tools to find answers and solutions to any business issue quickly. Evaluating ideas, strategies, or visions will be much easier for you. Also, knowing every moment how your business is performing gives you more freedom. And leading others will be more productive and fun.

For whom is this Coaching Package:

You are a business owner with 5 to 100 employees. If your business is a manufacturing business, a software development company, or a service business, I could help you the most based on my former experiences. However, if you have any other kind of business, let’s take a check if you qualify for my coaching package and discuss if it makes sense to work together.

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“If you are looking for answers, start where you are. Start inside yourself. You know more than you think. Also, use what is available to you right now.”

Stephan Szugat

Ready to gain clarity?

Clarity is about knowing what to do and when. Also, clarity means to have everything in sight. Only then we see the big picture and could make great decisions.