Coaching Services

1-on-1 Coaching, Team Coaching
or Self Coaching.


Coaching Preconditions

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Do you qualify?

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Where to coach?

The following are some ideas where to coach.

In Person (unavailable)

Due to the pandemic I decided to not offer any in person coaching anymore.

By Phone

A one-on-one direct phone call or by using a Phone Conference System.

Skype or equal Services

Coaching Sessions could be done by voice call or video call using Skype or equal Services.

Webex or equal Services

This provides the option to visualize things on screen as well as having a conversation.

Which areas to coach?

Areas in which I might be able to coach you.

Job related Topics

Finding solutions for your actual job challenges or assisting you finding your balance again.

Business Related Topics

Digging into your business and assisting you transform it to what you really want it to be.

Team Goals

Become a real team! Performance will follow.


Someone you could talk to about ideas and getting an independent feedback and input.

How to coach?

Here are some of my preferred coaching methods as a basis for your understanding.

Circular Questions

Questions are a very powerful tool, if you know how to ask the right questions and be adaptive to the flow of answers.

We think in pictures therefore visualizing a topic is a great way to get a different view.

A method which allows you to get aware of all parts of a structure and the interrelations.

It's a great model to create individual and team goals using the conscious and subconscious mind.