How to stay independent from your Coach

In the previous post I had been writing about Why you should never depend on your coach. Now let’s take a look what you could do to stay independent from your coach.

There are so many options you have. Let’s list them and than discuss them in more detail.

What you could do to never depend on your coach?

  • Change your Coach frequently
  • Restrict the number of Coaching Sessions
  • Restrict the areas which you talk about in Coaching Sessions
  • Never ask your Coach for an opinion about something
  • Never ask your Coach for a solution

Change Your Coach Frequently

Well, this might be a solution. But when you found a coach and you both really resonate with each other, why would you drop this relationship.

It is still an option you always have, when you feel you get too dependent on your coach. Before terminating your relationship with your coach you could try the other options you have.

Changing your coach frequently has another downside. You have to find a new coach that resonates with you. You new coach might have a different approach to things, which might make it necessary for you to adjust as well.

Restrict the Number of Coaching Sessions

This option seems to be more favorable to stay independent from your coach. It means to just have a few coaching sessions per month. Between the coaching sessions you are on your own.

That is actually the way I do 1-on-1 coaching. We may have one or two weekly calls to start and then reduce it to one call per week. Later on we might go to bi-weekly call. It depends on your needs.

By restricting the number of coaching sessions you stay in control and have to be responsible to do what you said you are going to do. Your coach may or may not ask you if you have really done it.

Restrict the Areas which you talk about in Coaching Sessions

Yes, your coach does not need to know everything about you neither about your business. It has nothing to do with distrusting your coach.

The less I know as a coach the more open I am to ask you the right questions. As a coach the only thing that counts for me is, that you are moving in the right direction with the questions I ask.

A really good coach doesn’t even need to know anything except a little hint about the coaching topic.

Never ask Your Coach for an opinion about something

We all have opinions. A coach is not free of them either. However, it is not a good idea to ask your coach for an opinion about something.

This is because it could have a negative impact on your relationship and the future coaching if your coach is right or wrong. Or worst you may even acted like the coach suggested and it was wrong.

The coach is not in your shoes. Thus any opinion is only based on a partial view and assumptions. That is not a good foundation for a decision.

A better idea is to make a coaching topic out of it, thus the coach could help you to find your own answer.

Never ask your Coach for a solution

Again, your coach does not live your life. And some coaches even have no idea about how businesses work as they come from a total different background.

Even for relationship or other conflict situations it is not a good idea to ask your coach for a solution. Make it a coaching topic for one of your coaching sessions.

Conflict Situations for example could be very complex. You need to know who is in which position and understand the dynamics. There is no way a coach could give you a solution just because you asked once.

A good coach will help you to learn how to deal with such situations yourself.


As you have seen it is pretty simple to stay in control and to stay independent from your coach.

Most coaches are aware the dependency is not a good thing. Yet, we are all humans and might forget about allowing everyone to use their power at their own will.

There might be even more options for you to avoid becoming dependent on your coach. This list is not intended to be complete. Use your own judgment.

Coaching is worth using it. I don’t say that, because I’m a coach. No, I say this because I experienced coaching myself.

Take a Check if you are ready for 1-on-1 Coaching, by answering some easy questions.

I wish you a great coaching experience.