Day 1:
A New Perspective

When you get into a Leadership Role your perspective has to change.

Also you need new skills as you are not the only one who is doing something.

Day 2:
A Leader you admire

We all could learn from each other.

In this Email you find out, what you could learn from the Leader you admire.

Day 3:
Clear Vision

No, this has nothing to do with your eye-sight.

It has to do with the destination you are going to reach. This Email gives you a hint on two important things.

Day 4:
Build Your Team

It's not about "You" anymore.

Now it's about "You and Your Team". In this Email you find out more about building a team.

Day 5:

Uh Oh, making decisions.

Yes, that is what you need to do as a Leader. Thus this Email is loaded with insights about making decisions.

Day 6:
Motivate Your Team

Everyone of us isn't performing always at 100% of our potential.

In this Email you read about ideas how to keep motivation up in your team.

Day 7:
Time to DO

Final Thoughts and Tips for you, before you start doing what is needed to become the Best Leader You Could Be.

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