Executive Coaching FAQ

How many Coaching Sessions do I need?

First of all it depends on your own efforts, on your own openness and the commitment you have to solve your issue or problem.

Sometimes just a few coaching session might be enough. Other times you may need more. Therefore it is really an individual thing how many coaching sessions you need.

In case you want to improve your leadership skills you should consider to engage with Coaching for a period of 3 to 6 month.

During this period allow yourself to have at least 1 to 2 Coaching Sessions per week at the beginning. With the time and your progress you could fade out to just 1 Coaching Session bi-weekly if that's enough for you.

A Coaching Session could be between 5 Minutes and 2 Hours.

Again, it depends on your openness for new ideas. Your willingness to dig deep also has an impact on the session length.

Additionally the complexity of your issue or problem could have an impact as well.

The process will be the same, but the applied Coaching Method might be different.

A Coach is usually flexible enough to adjust during the session, thus you get the most out of it.

Hm, not from my point of view. Imagine your coach is applying a new method every session. Does that give you a feeling of security or continuity? Probably not.

It's good to try something new, but as it is with everything, don't get yourself confused. If your Coach applies a Method you like and that helps you, ask for it again.

Yes of course. You know what is best for you. A good Coach will always suggest different Methods to you. The decision which you like to use is yours.

If you really want Coaching to work for you and your employees it is crucial that everyone could make their own decision about going to a coaching session.

Imagine you order one of your employees to go to a Coaching Session. The worst thing that could happen is that they are not open for it. Thus the time of the Session is wasted as they just do it because you told them.

On the other hand it's a total different experience for your employee if they have made the decision to take a Coaching Session. You just provide the opportunity.

To be honest, if I smell that a person was send into a coaching session, but really don't want it themselves, I just stop it right from the beginning. Why? As said above, because it would be a waste of the time for both of us.

Yes and No.

Yes, I would come into your business to help you find your own answers/solution if you think that is helpful for you.

No, I wouldn't change anything for you as this is your responsibility. To help you, I'm holding you accountable to what you decided and to the process of Coaching. At no time I would engage with your business activities or decisions.

Coaching is about helping you to find your own answers/solutions, not about giving advice (at least from my point of view). See my article about "The Distinction between Coaching and Consulting" for more clarification.

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