You gain twice from using the unique Coaching Model -Interrelations-.
One time, you may have gains with your business, but inevitably you also have personal gains at the same time.

That's because coaching is not only about your business, but about your person, which means you.
Thus, working on any area mentioned below does also mean working on yourself.

Below is a quick overview which areas the coaching model -Interrelations- takes into account.

All these areas are found in every business. But that's not all, you could translate these areas to your personal life either.

On top of the aforesaid, the unique Coaching Model -Interrelations- is also available as a Self-Coaching Online Course called “Ultimate Insights: Discover Your Full Potential (Master 7 Areas of Influence in your Business.
Create Immediate Impact.)”.

The sequence of the areas could be changed as needed. This allows for greater flexibility.

It's about you, thus the coaching model follows your demand.

Coaching Topic

You may call it an issue or problem, but it does
not matter how you call it. Above all it is  a
starting point to discover your full potential.


One thing could cause many things!
However we act has an impact on others,
thus keep your impact positive.


People can't be forced to do something.
If you engage with others truthfully you may find
out that they like to achieve the same goals as you do.

Profit & Finances

Everyone needs a piece of the pie to prosper
and grow. Everyone has to contribute to this truth.


It works! As a result work is effortless, seamless
and enjoyable. Thus there is more time to
discover your full potential.

Rules and Regulation

We hold ourselves accountable & reliable!
The rules and regulations are made for everyone.


Great Success is always teamwork.
Only with all Stakeholders together we achieve the Goals we set.


Our focus is on the End Result.
Openness to new ideas and ways.