Core Values

These are the Core Values represented with my Coaching Approach:

• Openness

• Kindness

• Helpfulness

• Honesty

• Non-Manipulative

• Independence

• Respect

Why are they important to me?

The Core Values are important as they provide a guideline of how I work with my clients.

Also it is a guideline for my clients as I expect them to do their best to be in line with these Core Values as well.

The Core Values explained in more Detail...

Openness - Just being open for new Ideas, different Opinions, different Mindsets and even different points of view.

Kindness - This is easy isn't it? Sure, just be friendly to everyone you meet. If you are not able to get your point across by being kind, than you won't be able to get it across anyway.

Helpfulness - Helping each other is helping the world and yourself. And it could be a lot of fun too.

Honesty - Here it get's tough for some people. Sorry, I don't care. If you can't be honest to yourself, to whom will you be?

Non-Manipulative - This is self-explanatory, never ever use your Knowledge to manipulate. Be of no harm to anyone, even not mentally.

Independence - Above all it is important for me not to work with one Client exclusively. Doing so keeps me open for other points of view and other clients.

Respect - No matter who or what I meet, I act with respect. This includes people, animals and the environment.