Coaching Qualification Questionnaire

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Are you ready to Discover Your Full Potential?

To be clear, these questions are to help you to evaluate if Coaching is something that may help you achieving your goals.

This is also to help me to determine, if you agree to some things regarding my Coaching Approach.

None of the questions will be about any details about you. We will go into more details about your issues when you qualify.

But, before we dive deeper, I want to start by giving you a warning - this Coaching Model Isn’t for everyone.

On this page, we’ll discover together if this is the right opportunity for you or not. All I ask you to do is, that you answer every question below very honestly.

It will only take a few minutes to complete.

Assuming you're a good fit for this 1-on-1 coaching program, what gets unlocked is an amazing chance to Discover Your Full Potential by spending some time with me as your Coach (we don't even need to meet in Person as it will all be done virtually).

Whether you have or manage a business already or just starting out, I’ll personally help you to ask the right questions, answer them and take action!

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Question #1...

Select The One That Applies Most To You:

Wonderful, that you decided to read on...

Let's get serious now. OK?

Normally we are caught in a hamster wheel of trying to do everything right.

Why are we acting this way?

Because we all had been trained this way. We learned that we have to do the things right. In School, at our first Job and so forth. Thus it's an automatic behavior now.

But there is another side of the coin! It's about Doing the right things. We don't ask ourselves if we are doing the right things as we are not used to it. Coaching helps you doing exactly that, asking the right questions to do the right things.

What is needed is #1: A Mental Change.

The first step is to get aware. We need to get aware if we fall for this automatic behavior. A Mental Change isn't something that happens over night.

If you ever tried to change a habit, you know what I mean. It becomes easier, if you have someone who keeps you accountable towards your committment.

We will invest some time at the beginning to address a Mental Change. This won’t only impact your success as a Manager, Business Owner or Entrepreneur - it will have an impact on everything in your life.

You need to understand, that the impact about a change in your personality has an impact everywhere in your life. You could change a business process, which would only have an impact on this single business process. But if we humans change, everything in our life changes too. It's inevitable.

Now we could go on with #2: Discovering Your Full Potential.

Here we start asking questions around your business and other job related topics.

The questions you have to answer will come out of 2 sources:

  1. Your actual situation or most important issue.
  2. The -Interrelations- Coaching Model that I created.
The -Interrelations- Coaching Model consists of 7 Areas. These include Business Administration, Business Processes, Finances, Stakeholders as well as Strategy. But it's not just that, it also includes the human perspective.

You may say "I could ask myself all these questions", why should I hire someone to do it?

Here are some things to consider about having a Coach:

  1. A coach keeps you focused on the outcome of the coaching. Distractions are all around us.
  2. A coach knows various techniques to help you find your own answers.
  3. A coach helps you to do it faster as you only need to concentrate on answering the questions.
  4. A coach assists you in discovering and unfolding your full potential.
A Coach is similar to a guide. You explore new territory with some help. All great Explorer did so.

Or did you learned driving a car by being handed over a Manual, the keys and just figured it out yourself? Probably not. At least most of us don't.

Now Coaching has been around for a while already. Thus it is your chance to take a turn and try something different than what you had been doing.

To finally solve the puzzle you are dealing with, I ask you to spend some time with me for the next 3 to 6 months. It might be less time than you think.

During these 3 to 6 months, I'll work with you - one-on-one until you answered the right questions for your business and yourself.

An Investment is needed!

Now, To Be Clear - You Must Be Prepared To Make an Investment In Yourself!

It’s very important to understand that this is not a “fix me quick” or "improve me fast" solution. Also, this program requires a Lot of your and my personal effort to make it work for you.

This is why I want to truly make sure you’re 100% ready and Committed.

My Coaching Approach is only for those who have a realistic approach to business; understanding that an investment is always required to achieve something great.

However, this is an Entrepreneurial Investment you’re making in Yourself that will pay-off for the rest of your life.

I have seen many people becoming happier and doing what they love. And of course, having the solution to the problem they had been trying to solve themselves.

So when you apply today and have your Free Qualification Call with me, just be ready to discuss the level of investment you’re excited to make in yourself.

So, now - answer the next question...

"Do You Believe That One-on-One Coaching Will Help You?"

Wow! Seems you are really serious.

How about Core Values?

You may or may not have read through the page with the Core Values that are important to me. Though I list them here again:

  • Openness
  • Kindness
  • Helpfulness
  • Honesty
  • Non-Manipulative
  • Independency
  • Respect
You could find more details about these Coaching Core Values at this page.

The Coaching Approach that I use is systemic and holistic, but none manipulative. Coaching has nothing to do with manipulating you or the way you behave.

It is all about finding your own answers to your actual issues. But having above core values in place makes to coaching easier for both of us. They are another part of Coaching Preconditions. Conditions that must be agree upon to be coached, at least that is my requirement to you.

Again, to really being clear, the coaching I'm offering you here isn't a solution that I give to you. You find your own solution while I assist you to find it.

If we both agree to the Core Values as well as to the Coaching Preconditions, than the Coaching could be a great, successful and joyful experience for both of us.

"Are you ok with the Core Values?"

Now comes a real tough part...

Are there any Guarantees that Coaching will work for me?

To make it clear right from the start, no there are no Guarantees that Coaching will work for you.

You can't force it to work. You do your best to make it work and allow things to evolve.

It really depends on your Effort. That means the amount of time, work and commitment you put into it.

From my experience I could say, that it works. Sometimes faster and easier than we think. Sometimes it may take longer to see the impact. But there is no guarantee that you will have a specific outcome.

You only know if it works for you, when you do it. Allow yourself to have the experience of coaching.

If it works, great! If it doesn't, who cares! Just move on and try something different.

In case you decide to go for the Coaching Experience, I promise you that I will do my Best to assist you.

It is possible and you could make it work for you too.

"Are you okay taking the Risk that Coaching may not work for you?"

Great that you are still here! Let’s Get You On a Free Qualifying Coaching Call!

Here’s The Next Steps To See If You Qualify!

Here’s what happens next:

Step #1: Application Form

Today, is Step #1. In fact, you are in the middle of the process.
Congratulations - the answers you’ve given so far on this page have brought you here. It needs a few minutes of your time to fill out an application form.

Step #2: Do You Qualify?

Within 48 hours, you'll get the confirmation for the Qualifying Coaching Call in case you qualify.

Step #3: Free Coaching Call

A Free coaching call with me. Yes, absolutely free.
We will discuss your issues you like to solve, what you already did so far and I'll provide you with more information about my Coaching Approach.
This will then take you to...

Step #4: Making a Decision

You need to make a decision after the free coaching call, if my Coaching Approach is the right fit for you.
A "Yes"-Decision will bring you to...

Step #5: Starting the Coaching

We will start with a virtual 1.5 hour coaching session to get some kind of a baseline from which to start.
This usually already brings a lot of insights for you, which you could apply to your business and life.

Step #6: Coaching Sessions on the Go

Now it's on you to make a decision again how often you like to schedule coaching session.

These are short coaching sessions between less than 10 minutes up to 30 minutes in which we focus on one topic that is of most importance for you at the moment of a call or we are concentrating on one of the areas of the -Interrelations- Coaching Model.

This is where you'll begin to Discover Your Full Potential.

Now that you know the steps involved, Are You Ready?

NOTE: This offer is limited as I only accept a specific number of people which I coach at the same time. Therefore this offer will go away, when the limit is reached.

"It’s Time, Ready To Fill Out The Application?"