Things to agree before the Coaching starts

You have to agree to the following coaching preconditions when we work together.


Everything between you and me is confidential. In case we agree that I make notes, you are going to decide what will happen to them after the coaching session.


Before I do anything, I will always ask for your permission to go ahead. This also applies to questions which might be close to or beyond your personal borders.

Other people

When we may need to talk about other people, we will do it in a positive, respectful and kind manner. See the explanation I provide about my Core Values.


Be prepared by knowing what you want to achieve. Also be prepared to allocate resources to the coaching (time, money, work). Allow yourself to be open as well.

Your own borders

You only answer my questions as long as you feel comfortable. If a question is to intimate from your point of view, you just let me know and I will adjust.

Results are not guaranteed

As with everything you do, no one could guarantee success. It all comes down to your own effort and abilities. My work is to keep you on track, helping you to see different points of view and to help you finding your own solution.

Are you okay with these coaching preconditions? If yes, go ahead and click the button below to take a Coaching Qualification Questionnaire.