Are You Ready For Coaching? Take a Check

Answer 7 Questions to find out if you are coachable

The following questions are to help you to evaluate if you are coachable and if Coaching or Self-Coaching is something that may help you to achieve your goals, gain more clarity and discover your full potential.

This is also to help me to determine, how and if I could help you.

None of your input will be saved. Thus you could answer the questions honestly to yourself.

That is what I ask you to do, answer every question below very honestly. You could only win.

In fact every human is coachable. However, it depends on various things if you are coachable right now.

It will only take a few minutes to answer the questions.

Here comes the first one...

Question #1 of 7

Do you see yourself as emotionally and mentally healthy?

Here comes question #2 of 7...

Let's go deeper now.

Limiting Beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs to a certain degree. You could even say that a concern is a limiting belief.

Why? Because a concern implies that you are believing something bad will happen. And of course it does happen. It does not mean, when you have no limiting beliefs that nothing bad will happen anymore. Of course not. But you are more able to handle these situations from a calmer inner place.

Emotional Blocks

If things don't go our way we might get very angry. Ever had something that didn't go your way and you where furious? I guess you had. Did the Emotions that came up at that moment helped you? No, they didn't.

That is what I call an emotional block. You have an Emotion and it is blocking your progress. We have many of them. But the good news is, we all could do something about it. Coaching is one way to help you tackle these blocks.

So, now - answer the next question...

"Are you willing to address your Limiting Beliefs and Emotional Blocks?"

Let's take a look to Question #3 of 7

Leaving your Comfort Zone

You know, we normally like routines. They are familiar. Provide Safety when they run smoothly.

Benefits of leaving your Comfort Zone

Well, you gain more confidence into the unknown. You gain more flexibility when it comes to new situations. Most of the times we all say "Oh, I'm quite open and flexible." - Really?

However, somewhere inside us there is this feeling to stay where we are as we feel okay with it. No fear, a Stress-Level we know and so on. You don't have to turn your whole life upside down to leave your Comfort Zone. Small things might be totally enough. It depends on you anyway.

What answer is yours with the next question...

"Are you open and ready to step out of your comfort zone and dig into your full potential?"

Question #4 of 7 coming now

Making positive Changes in your Business and Life

Most times we say we want positive changes in our business and life. But when it comes to making a decision about how to go on, we are postponing to make decisions. Alternatively we get super busy. Both doesn't work.

Well, making no decision is also a decision. A decision to keep the status quo. Again, I'm not talking about radical changes here. You could change your life little by little. Or in a big leap. It's up to you.

Now you have to make a decision about which answer to take...

"Are you eager to make positive changes in your business and life?"

With Question #5 of 7 we look at...

Your Commitment to take Action

With everything we like to achieve or change in our business or life, there comes a time where we need to take action. Even a little action.

I know sometimes it does not feel nice to take action. You are nervous, you feel tired or blocked. You have to do it anyway.

It's life. Do not resist to take action. Do the best you can. Enjoy taking action. Allow it to be fun. You are not alone.

Let's take a look to your commitment now...

"Are you committed to take action consistently?"

Question #6 of 7

You have to invest some time

Yep, there is no overnight change coming. No fix me or it for me quick. You have to be willing to invest time.

You need to allocate time to dig inside of yourself and investigate. It's an amazing journey.

Think about this, if you learn a new language you couldn't expect to be fluent the next day.

It's the same with everything in life. Some things take time, some fall into your lap effortlessly.

Again, here comes your turn...

"Are you willing to invest time in coaching and the actions you may need to take?"

Question #7 of 7

Yes, having a Coach is something you have to pay for.

A lot of things a free in life. Many things you have to pay for. Coaching is not different.

See it this way: You are probably willing to spend money on your home, your car or vacation.

And if you think about building a new business you have to invest as well.

Though, here is your chance to invest in yourself, which might bring you the best return anyway.

Ready to make a decision?

"Are you willing and able to invest the money necessary for coaching?"