Engineer improving communication skills

Within two Coaching Sessions, the Engineer got more clarity about his communication skills. He also developed an individual toolbox that allows him to adjust his communication to any situation.

Coaching Results:

  • the Engineer created his own individual communication toolbox
  • increased his awareness of own reactivity
  • stays more calm and has a clear process of own preparation for meetings
  • increased clarity and focus to support decision-making of the management

For the Engineer it was great to be kept focused on answering the coaching questions as he said after the sessions. Most important for him was to have his own toolbox, which helps him to engage appropriately with any given situation.

Challenges the Engineer was facing:

  • communicate clearly and focused
  • to be heard (his opinion and ideas to be recognized)
  • staying on topic and calm instead of reacting personally
  • concentrate on the most important topics, even when others get off-topic

Without coaching, the engineer said he would need to find a solution by himself or everything would stay the same. Due to the coaching, he found his authentic toolbox of how to communicate more professional and focused. Thus benefiting both, himself and the business he is working for.

The sessions had been face to face, but as if the used coaching method could have been done remotely (e.g., over the phone) as well.