Coaching an HR Manager about difficult conversations

Within two Coaching Sessions, the HR Manager found that handling difficult conversations was most important for her. Also, driving the cultural change in the company was another significant topic.

Coaching Results:

  • clearly recognizing the topics which needed to be addressed in difficult conversations
  • supporting the CEO decision-making more effectively by preparing clear proposals
  • allowing employees to experience a new comfort zone, thus they are okay with changes
  • higher awareness of actual employee situation and seeing possible solutions for some topics

For the HR Manager, it was interesting to see that the topic of dealing with difficult conversations was the most critical topic for her. The topic was mentioned incidentally while finding all the topics she had to deal with. Very helpful for her was to take the time to deeply look at the things she was challenged by.

Challenges the HR Manager was facing:

  • Stubbornness about cultural change within the company
  • not being automatically involved in important Human Resource related topics
  • hard to deal with difficult conversations and their outcome
  • not seeing the value of her work being recognized

The HR Manager stated that the most bothersome topics are to drive cultural change, as no one likes to leave their comfort zone. Handling of difficult conversations to solve conflicting situations was another very critical topic.

The two coaching sessions had been face to face, while they could have been done remotely (e.g., over the phone) as well.