Coaching a CEO about increased Stakeholder Awareness

Within two Coaching Sessions, the CEO got more clarity about the stakeholders of the company. Also, he set a goal in line with him personally and with the business objectives.

Coaching Results:

  • full awareness of all Stakeholders
  • clarity about actual importance of certain Stakeholders for the business
  • clear personal goal statement in line with the business goals
  • decisions and actions are taken more easily as of the higher goal and stakeholder awareness
  • better understanding of the expectations of the Stakeholders, therefore better communication

The CEO was pleased by being kept focused to answer the coaching questions. Also, he enjoyed that no interruption of the sessions had been allowed. Stating his goal in line with the business was giving him extra energy to move on.

The increased Stakeholder Awareness helped him to focus on the most important Stakeholders at any given moment and to communicate with them in a focused way.

Challenges the CEO was facing:

  • business was stuck in a turnaround situation
  • no clear awareness of which stakeholders are most important now
  • some sense of Stakeholders, but not clearly identified all Stakeholders
  • cultural change within the company needed (e.g., dealing with conflicting situations)

The CEO felt the pressure from various stakeholders, but wasn’t completely clear about their importance. The importance may change in any given situation. The cultural change wasn’t addressed in the coaching sessions. It was deemed to not be the most essential topic at the time of coaching session.

The sessions had been face to face, while one session could have been done remotely (e.g., over the phone) as well.