CEO facing Organizational Change

Coaching a CEO facing Organizational Changes

The CEO was able to address his concerns about his positions without any emotions towards the new owner of the company, and found that personal judgments of himself made his life harder than necessary.

Coaching Results:

  • having clarity about what is really important for him
  • recognizing when he is in his “Hamster Wheel” again
  • having various ways to mentally switch off to relax
  • addressing guilt feelings which had been a reason of the pressure within him

The CEO recognized how helpful it was to concentrate on the coaching questions and to write down the answers by himself. He also gained more clarity about what he likes about his job and what kind of working environment suites him most.
Interestingly, the CEO found that he is very loyal and caring towards his employees, thus they respect him and the fluctuation in the company is very low.

Challenges the CEO was facing:

  • the business was sold to another Company Group
  • unclear personal situation and authority of the position as the CEO with the new business owner
  • dealing with own emotions
  • always feeling the pressure that he has to achieve more

During the coaching, the CEO found that dealing with his emotions and with the pressure he felt was the most important topic. He clearly stated a first goal, which he was able to exceed within a few months after the coaching sessions.

The three coaching sessions had been face to face, while two sessions could have been done remotely (e.g., over the phone) as well.