New Book Released: Feel Great: It’s Your Decision!

New book released. The book is titled “Feel Great: It’s Your Decision! – How To Change Your Feelings By Deciding How YOU Like To Feel”.

As the title suggests, the book is about decisions. We make so many decisions every day, but we make not many decisions about how we like to feel. But you are not obliged to feel as you feel moment by moment.

You are able to change your feelings using your decision-making ability. The book describes an easy process of how to change your feelings by deciding how you like to feel. It is easy, yet, it is not simple all the time.

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Doing What You Want From Your Heart – Follow Your Hearts Desires

Did you ever had a feeling that you are not heading in the direction you really want from your heart?

As a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, CEO, or Executive that might not seem to be a viable thing. Following your heart in your business or job might be seen as weak or irresponsible.

But still, you have this feeling of there-must-be-more than just doing your job. No matter what this feeling is and where it comes from, you have at least two options how you could deal with it.

You could ignore it and go on with life as if you notice nothing. Or you dig deeper into the feeling until it evolves into a clear picture.

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How to stay independent from your Coach

In the previous post I had been writing about Why you should never depend on your coach. Now let’s take a look what you could do to stay independent from your coach. There are so many options you have. Let’s list them and than discuss them in more detail. What you could do to neverContinue reading →
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Why you should never depend on your Coach?

We humans tend to give away our power to others. And you may feel you need your Coach, thus you depend on your Coach to get results.

That might not be as bad as it sounds. But it might be even worse.

First let’s remember what the job of a coach actually is. A coach should be a person helping you to find your own answers and solutions.

Of course a coach is also available to keep you accountable. However, the coach keeps you accountable to what you had decided to do or not to do.

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