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The Blog includes an article about if Instant Impact or Fast Results are possible with Coaching. Executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs all don’ t have much time. Though everyone is interested in fast results. How fast could results show up for you? Read this article to find out what is possible.

Also you could read about the 3 Reasons why you don’t need a coach and why it still is a good idea to have a coach. Obviously these are just a few hints. They could still help you to make your own decision about getting a coach or not. Read it now.

A must read for you is the blog post about the Distinction between Coaching and Consulting. Sometimes the words Coaching and Consulting are used interchangeably. But they mean different things. Read this article to know when to hire a Coach and when to hire a Consultant.

Furthermore it is important to know which 7 Questions you need to ask before you engage with Executive Coaching. In this article you learn how to select a coach, what results to expect, the reasons why to hire a coach and how to structure the coaching thus you get the most out of it.

More Blog posts about 1-on-1 Coaching are added regularly. Read now…

Career Story

What is a Career Story?

Well it is a short story about your personal career. It might take just 5 minutes to tell someone and allow the listener to know who you are.

But there is so much about Career Stories. A good opportunity to get into the topic a little deeper is the Podcast Series of "Not Actively Looking".

In Episode 2 co-founder and director of "Not Actively Looking", Anthony Harling is discussing the topic with Christina Campbell and Stephan Szugat.

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3 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Have A Coach…

...And Why It Is Still A Good Idea To Have A Coach

When you think about to have a coach, here are three reasons why you actually don’t need a coach at all.

At the end of this article I will tell you why it is still a good idea to have a coach anyway.

But first, let us start with the three reasons you don’t need a coach.

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Instant Impact? Fast Results? Is that even possible with Coaching?

Instant Impact? Fast Results? Is that even possible with Coaching?

Could Executive Coaching really generate instant results?

Let me start by saying "It depends...".

It depends on your openness to new ideas, to new ways of thinking. It depends on your willingness to listen, to yourself. Yes, right. It's not only to listen to the world, it is also about listening to yourself.

What do I mean by listening to yourself? Well, the answers you are looking for are already where you are. If you can't see them, it's probably because you don't look at them.

You don't look at them, because you are constantly occupied by looking at the problem you like to solve. Listening to yourself starts with asking the right questions to yourself.

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Distinction between Coaching and Consulting

Which way to go? Distinction between Coaching and Consulting

You may wonder if the distinction between Coaching and Consulting is important for you or not. Some people say that you don't need to care about any difference between them.

But in case you engage with Coaching or Consulting because you see the necessity, than it makes sense to know.

Even if the distinction between Coaching and Consulting might be vague sometimes, it is still there. First of all, let's see how each is defined.

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