...And Why It Is Still A Good Idea To Have A Coach

When you think about to have a coach, here are three reasons why you actually don’t need a coach at all.

At the end of this article I will tell you why it is still a good idea to have a coach anyway.

But first, let us start with the three reasons you don’t need a coach.

1. The Answer you are looking for is already within you

You might say “This couldn’t be as I don’t have the answer yet.” Well, that is because you are looking in the wrong direction.

Usually we look outside of us. We ask a lot of people. Just to end up being totally confused.

Furthermore we try to solve the issue or problem all the time. But there is no trying. And maybe there is no solution right now.

There might be a solution one moment in time, but we are not willing to wait. Though we drive ourselves crazy solving the problem.

While we drive ourselves crazy we totally forget that we already “know”. If we could just be willing to stay focused, open and willing to having the solution, we would get it.

I know that is a strong statement. After all of the experiences I made, I could honestly say, that this is the case. You have the answers you are looking for.

2. A coach might be misleading you

People on cliff with sign of danger

Not to mention a coach is a human too. That means even coaches have opinions, experiences and ideas. That’s not a bad thing at all.

It could become a problem if a coach is allowing his/her opinion or ideas to influence the coaching process.

The danger is in trying to push you in a certain direction. A certain direction that the coach believes would be good for you.

But how could the coach know if this direction might be good for you? The coach does not know, he or she is just following an assumption.

This should never be the case. A coach as hard as it is for a coach must stay away from adding his/her assumptions into the coaching process.

And that’s not easy. Nobody is able to stay totally objective all the time. If it is possible to be objective at all.

Though allow yourself to challenge anything your coach says that sounds like an opinion or assumption. A good coach will never mind.

3. It’s expensive to have a coach

Of course a good coach has a price tag that might make you feel uncomfortable at first.

But do the math. How much will the problem cost you if it takes you 3 month more to solve? 12 month more? And so on.

How much does a coaching session cost you? How many sessions do you need? Let’s assume a coaching session cost you 300 € and you need 4 coaching sessions to find your solution.

If I’m right that’s about 1.200 €. How high was the cost to keep doing it on your own? That’s how you make a decision about coaching.

But wait. It could get more inexpensive. Yes, that’s possible. As a matter of fact that would imply more work on your end.

You are okay with more coaching work on your own? If yes, than the answer is to take a self-coaching course.

That just means you get preset questions and work your way through them. This might save you some money and some time.

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Why it still is a good idea to have a coach?

Well, even if you engage with self-coaching you might come to a point where you feel that it could help to be guided by a coach.

The self-coaching could be seen as a good preparation to get even more out of the time you spend with a coach.

This is because you are more focused as you already had insights due to the self-coaching.

A coach might also ask you different questions than you asked yourself already. Thus you will be able to see your issue from other perspectives.

On top of the aforesaid a coach could adapt the questions according to your answers. Which makes the coaching even more focused.

In addition it feels great when you interact with the coach and know that someone is there to help you.


Person holding glowing light bulb in hands.

No matter how you decide about coaching, it is a good idea to use it as a way to find your own answers for the problems you are dealing with.

It’s a matter of fact that a coach will actually help you finding your own answers as the coach is solely responsible for the coaching process.

The outcome is up to you. If you are open and willing to dig deep into your own wisdom, you will find what you seek.

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